Sculptra Clinton, Utah

Sculptra Aesthetic is an injectable used to fight wrinkles and sagging skin by stimulating collagen production to restore plumpness. It is an alternative anti-aging treatment to other dermal fillers, skin creases, and surgical implants.

An important protein found in connective tissue, collagen is vital to keep the skin smooth and firm. As you age, collagen production decreases, causing you to see wrinkles and laxity. Age also causes you to lose fat beneath the skin, resulting in hollowed cheeks and depressions in the face.

Sculptra stimulates your skin to trigger collagen, but it does take time. Sculptra corrects minimal to deep facial wrinkles and folds and results in firmer and younger-looking skin. Sculptra is a collagen stimulator and does not provide filling action. The tissue absorbs Sculptra about two years after treatment, but the new collagen layers are left behind and may last for several more years. Therefore, Sculptra does require a series of treatments to achieve your younger-looking skin goals.

Sculptra is composed of poly-L-lactic acid, a biodegradable molecule. It takes a minimum of three treatment sessions over several months. The number of injections needed and the time between sessions varies from person to person, and the actual injection time is about 30 minutes.


What are the post-treatment rules?

Follow the rule of 5s. Massage the areas injected for 5 minutes, five times a day for five days. It prevents the formation of nodules.

What are the side effects?

There may be redness in the face and some swelling at the injection sites. Therefore, it is recommended that you take Arnica orally and topically to help prevent bruising.

Is Sculptra safe?

Sculptra’s poly-L-lactic acid is biodegradable and does not harm your body. It is easily broken down and absorbed.

Why are Sculptra's effects not immediately noticed?

Sculptra is designed to stimulate collagen rather than be a filler. As a result, you will experience fewer wrinkles and fuller skin. Be patient.

Is Sculptra better than fillers?

An advantage of Sculptra Aesthetic is how long the results last once they are visible. For example, the result from dermal fillers fades after a year, but Sculptra can last up to two years or longer.