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Beauty is Empowerment.

When we feel confident, it is as if anything is possible. Confidence inspires us to make life-changing decisions, take calculated risks that allow us to live the lives we want to live and stand up for what we believe.

When you feel beautiful inside and out, you feel good about yourself. Beauty gives you the power to believe you can do things you never thought you could do. What could be more empowering?

Take the time to invest in yourself. Invest in those treatments that make you feel amazing. Create the confidence that beauty gives you.

At SkinFX, we know firsthand how positive investing in beauty treatments can be. Let us help you find your confidence. Get in touch and book your consultation.

Our Clinic

Together, we have seven years of combined experience in the aesthetic industry, have worked in plastic surgeons’ offices, dealt with customer service, assisted in operating rooms, and have expertise in full-face injectable treatments, pigment concerns, and texture concerns. We take pride by staying up to date in all the services in our clinic, only giving our patients the best treatments available in our time! We promise to make sure every patient is comfortable, heard, educated, and EMPOWERED!

Our Team

Meet the Team

Heather Normington’s

Founder and Nurse Injector

Co-Founder and Master Aesthetician

Nurse Injector


Master Aesthetician

Taylor Olaveson

Nurse Injector




Lead Front Desk Coordinator

Izzy Foreman

Front Desk Coordinator